In the United States, fraudulent acts account for nearly $80 billion dollars in financial losses to insurance companies and other large to small businesses each year. EEIS Solutions utilizes a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) that specializes in fraudulent investigations relating to both property & casualty insurance fraud, along with healthcare related frauds.  The Special Investigation Unit is diverse in working with law enforcement agencies, state regulatory agencies, interviewing subjects, witnesses, victims and obtaining recorded statements.

EEIS Solutions Investigators are boots on the ground Investigators, conducting surveillance operations, neighborhood canvasses, locating necessary parties & obtaining documents are a few of the skills sets utilized by EEIS Solutions. EEIS Solutions Investigators are commissioned notaries within the State of Florida and able to obtain sworn statements if necessary.


In today's society, gathering factual information is crucial in making proper decisions in both personal & professional environments. Factual & detailed background investigations allow both of these environments to make proper decisions in employment matters, reduction in liabilities and the protection of assets for both environments. Offered background investigations services can include FCRA compliant pre-employment investigations, social media investigations, criminal history investigations, OSINT investigations, along with other types of background investigations that can be tailored to a client's specific needs.

EEIS Solutions understands the importance of initial training, continued training and follow up training in order to help our clients and the community stay aware of current fraudulent trends affecting both the insurance and non-insurance industries. EEIS Solutions is a Registered Provider of Continued Education (CE) courses with the Florida Department of Financial Services. As a Registered Provider, EEIS Solutions can offer persons working within the insurance industry in the State of Florida CE approved courses that will further educate them in current fraudulent trends, anti-fraud awareness and assist them with helping to reduce fraudulent exposure to carriers and agencies by providing effective training.
EEIS Solutions Instructors are approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services and able to provide teaching services for small to large groups in various settings throughout the State of Florida. EEIS Solutions can also provide these same courses to persons, companies and organizations outside of the insurance industry as Non-CE courses. EEIS Solutions has the ability, knowledge and experience to help companies develop successful anti-fraud plans and help to reduce fraud exposure. 

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